Hike #2 – Twin Falls


I missed the first hike at Carkeek Park for a mobile unconference two weeks ago. Twin Falls today marked the beginning of my 5th season with the LLS.

As most of you know, 4 miles out and back is nothing to write home about. What made the hike maybe a little impressive was that I was sore all over *before* I hiked. I made the mistake of restarting hot yoga on Thursday. Being the good yogi that I am, I went again yesterday. Boy, was my body sore this morning!

In every step I took I felt the tension in my thighs and bum, and my 30-pound pack and my very stiff back did not play nice with each other. It was just an unnecessarily miserable time for me to be out in the woods and rain. I shall never do anything rigorous in extreme condition(s) rrright before hike practice again!

For this season, I’m going to try to get one donation in everyday. If you can read this post, I’ll likely hit you up. If you were to decline my request, please let me know as soon as possible, so that I may ask somebody else and hopefully get the one donation in for that day.

If you’re feeling generous, head on over to http://c1.hk/25 to donate to support my fundraising effort. Remember, the LLS guarantees that 75% of your donation be spent on funding blood cancer research or patient care. So what’re you waiting for? Skip that coffee for a week and give LLS that $25!


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