Some of Us Can’t Get Enough of that Torture!


In 2009, I was told a cure for blood cancer could be available in as few as five years. I wanted to survive blood cancer if I should ever get it, so I signed up to hike and raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I had a job at the time, and fundraising more or less consisted of bullying my coworkers into donating. That season, I was one of the top fundraisers at my event.

That was not a glorious time in my life. I had been in a rut for 18 months prior to my re-employment in late 2008, and my new job involved watching a great deal of pornography. Hiking and fundraising for the LLS was the only thing that allowed me to feel like a contributing member of society. It was tough for my body but good for my soul.

Looking back, I realize I was hooked on that torture from the get-go because my coaches and teammates were so phenomenal. They taught me that watching porn for a living was cool, not shameful. They helped me see that my quirkiness could be adorable to some. One of our teammates, Brenda, was a Leukemia survivor who had only finished treatment not five months before our hike training began! I was very fortunate to have met these people. As a team, we share many memorable moments, and the bond among teammates grew  stronger over time.

Last week, I signed up for my fourth season with the LLS. What that means is that between now and October 29, I am committed to strength training on Mondays, cardio training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, stair-climbing on Wednesdays, and hiking on Saturdays, rain or snow or shine.

I could raise money and awareness for other illnesses, but I don’t want to move on to a new illness without first eradicating the illness at hand. It’s like project management. Secondly, unlike Livestrong and Komen, the LLS does not receive much media attention. (I root for the little guys!) Lastly, but most importantly, my friend and teammate Todd, who is very sick with cancer in multiple vital organs and is undergoing chemotherapy, insists on hiking and raising money alongside us for a third time. If Todd can do it, what’s my excuse?

What’s your excuse?

Please support my effort by donating here. All donations over $25 are tax deductible. If your employer (e.g. Microsoft) has a matching gift program, please inform your personnel department of your donation and request for match.

Fundraising has gotten very challenging in this economic weather. Unfortunately blood cancer will not take a time-out while we are broke. So don’t wait till you have a connection to blood cancer to wish that you had cared enough to help find a cure. Donate now!


One Response to “Some of Us Can’t Get Enough of that Torture!”

  1. Snowball Says:

    LLS sounds like a good organization with caring people. Good luck reaching your goal this year.

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