Am I Smarter Than A Preschooler?



While browsing the Amazon Appstore, I came across a limited-time offer for the Super WHY! new Android app for $0.99. Super WHY! is a show on PBS Kids that helps little kids understand phonics. While I think the show does a good job teaching children to be compassionate – for example, in one episode, the characters cheered for Humpty Dumpty so that he could come down from the wall on a slide – I don’t appreciate the way the show dismantles classic stories by converting perceived bads to perceived goods. I believe there is value in exposing children to the darker things in the real world.


The four mini-games in the app featuring the show’s characters are designed to train players in the areas of alphabet recognition, spelling, rhyming, and reading comprehension. The graphics are adorable and inviting, and the controls are straight-forward and intuitive. Players either tap on the screen to make a selection, or they follow the animation to learn to write. With each successful game, players are rewarded a “sticker” for their virtual sticker book, which they can “stick” on a variety of backgrounds to create amusing scenes, especially when the goat is involved.

In addition to being an educational tool for literacy skills, the app is a fun continuation of and complement to the show. The material is taken directly from the show so the app serves as a refresher. In particular, the reading comprehension mini-game refers to stories told in the show, so children must watch the show in order to win and earn stickers. What a great way to keep a young audience interested and engaged!

The app did not keep my attention for long. But for the short time that I played the games, I enjoyed the mini adrenaline rushes that came with the reassurance that I am smarter than a preschooler!






5 Responses to “Am I Smarter Than A Preschooler?”

  1. Kelly McIvor Says:

    What I want to know is how you know enough about the TV show to be able to compare the content with the app!

  2. Snowball Says:

    Folks at PBS really care, and produce some great shows. I wonder how many concerned parents that appreciate PBS programs also get tablet PCs for their little ones.

  3. Katia Farage Says:

    PBS programs are the only ones we let my son watch.
    Super Why is one of his favorite with Cat in the Hat and Dinosaur Train … Even though I wouldn’t buy a tablet for him, I would definitely consider buy such an app for my android phone proving it is age appropriate (I don’t see my 2 year old reading yet 🙂
    I am always looking for entertaining and educational games on the go in order to keep him busy 🙂

  4. ssglazer Says:

    I think this game does relate to very similar mechanics that we use to teach children in the real world. The idea of stickers is a great addition to this app because this is also a true reward in the real world. I would definitely purchase it for niece and nephew!

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