Mobile Zen


I came across an ad for the ASUS NX90JQ the other day. It seems ASUS has adopted a “Zen” approach in making computers.

At first glance, the laptop is breathtaking. It is very streamlined, very sleek, truly an exhibition of what it means to be more with less.

Consistent with their new minimalist ideology, the ad reveals little other than telling us that the machine comes equipped with some luxurious speakers by Bang & Olufsen. Fortunately, more information is only a QR away.

Or not.

Upon scanning the code, I got the 404. Perhaps it was because ASUS wanted to stick it to its customers with its Buddhist belief “form is emptiness”; or it could be that part of the URL was missing from the QR link.

I suppose I could have tried to access the website by typing the URL on my phone, but that would be more work than I cared to do.

Broken QR codes are so boring.  *yawn*


Asus NX90JQ


One Response to “Mobile Zen”

  1. Kelly McIvor Says:

    Sigh.. I’m with you. QR failures are so common as to be boring. How hard could it be to simply test your barcode before going to print?

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