QR-Go-Round? (I)


I supported the disaster relief in Haiti by sending a SMS. Other than that, I have no experience with mobile marketing. To get an idea of what’s out there in the world of mobile marketing, I did a simple search on Google and found Mobile Marketer, “the news leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce”.

After reading about  the various mechanisms available, it seems that QR codes are enjoying all the hype at the moment. They are used on billboards, movie posters, TV, and everywhere else that has room for these 2-dimensional codes.

Mobile Marketer featured a story about Tissot sponsoring Danica Patrick to drive a race car with a QR code on the hood at a NASCAR event tomorrow. This race car is the first ever to feature a mobile bar code. With the car going round and round at high speed, I imagine live audiences will have a hard time getting their devices to read the code. Perhaps I will have better luck scanning it on the TV!?

Check back here tomorrow, and we shall see if this Tissot QR strategy will provide an enticing consumer experience, or just be a disappointing gimmick.


One Response to “QR-Go-Round? (I)”

  1. Kelly McIvor Says:

    Haha! This is funny! Do they really think people will be able to scan the code from the top of a moving car? I do see how mobile can be compelling in this case, though. If you were at the race track you could engage right there and maybe see videos of Danica. But putting the code on top of the car just seems to demonstrate that the people who put it there have never really scanned a QR code with their phone (i.e., you need to be squarely in front of and usually quite close to the code in order for it to work.

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