#SMCSEA 4/10: Ethics, Money and New Ideas


I popped my networking event cherry by attending the Social Media Club Seattle’s April event last night.

The speakers briefly discussed the iPhone drama surrounding Gizmodo and Jason Chen. Andru Edwards from Gear Live said that if he was faced with a similar situation, instead of paying $5,000 to break a news, he would take some pictures and return the phone. Some lady challenged him, saying something in the context of “C’mon! You’re a blogger! Of course you would buy the phone and milk it!” To that Andru responded, “Some of us have journalistic integrity.”

A little faith in the mankind, lady!?

To me, there is no other way to deal with the situation other than returning the phone. It would probably never occur to me to buy it, even if I am a journalist who can write about it as a new discovery.

I take my life very seriously. To live an ethical life with integrity is among my top priorities everyday. I suppose everyone defines “an ethical life” differently…

Anyway, I applauded Andru.

In fact, if I were Andru, I would say “Some of us have integrity.”

I was told that the lady was just playing the devil’s advocate. Well then, kudos to her, too.


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