Twitter, My Anti-Personal Branding Tool


I just read an article that discusses the possible decline of Twitter. The author concluded that “Twitter is not dead, but nobody really cares that I put milk on my cereal this morning.”

It seems that many marketers have forgotten that Twitter was a micro-blogging tool for individuals before it was a marketing tool for businesses. While most of my followers do not care about what I am up to, some do. In fact, I, for one, would like to see the people I follow to worry less about building their credibility on Twitter and tell me more about what they are doing day in and day out.

This is not how you build your personal brand, I know. But in a world where the majority of communication is done in the cyber space, how are we to strike a work-life balance if  we commercialized everything that we do online? The internet brings the world together, but we are more distant from one another than we ever have been.

If my tweets and my click stats are indication of my personal brand equity, I am doomed. However, I remain devoted to using Twitter in a way that is meaningful to me and the people who care about me.


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